About Us



We renew and improve efficiency in mind-sets, processes, and approaches to change among businesses and individuals; we call it conscious change behavior.



We develop, support and inspire businesses and individuals to enable their full change capacity, and unlock the potential on a personal level as well as on a commercial level, to the benefit of both people and the bottom line.



  • Heart Core - we provide holistic services with insight, passion and commitment.

  • Value - we use small and effective steps to achieve big results. Our services create momentum and effective behavior.

  • Intentionally focussed - we focus on what is possible to change - everything else is a waste of time. We meet people where they are.

  • Courage - we have the courage to do the right thing even when it's hard.

  • Reliable - we deliver high quality and our clients experience an open, authentic and honest relationship.

  • Innovative - we challenge the status quo and find new ways.



  • Efficiency

  • Best practise and sound toolbox

  • Many years of experience

  • Mindfulness

  • Passion, courage, and desire to make a valuable difference


2008: Sofie Halkjær is accredited as a Prosci® Certified Instructor with excellent training skills and many years of experience as a change manager on a huge variety of projects such as mergers and acquisitions, technology implementations, and cultural changes.

2010: Sofie Halkjær, CEO, established HALKJÆR HUMAN UNIVERZ.

2013: HUMAN UNIVERZ is appointed "Authorised Training Provider" by Prosci® and "Authorised Leadership Challenge Facilitator". Liselotte Søndergaard joins HUMAN UNIVERZ.

2014: HUMAN UNIVERZ increases global presence with partnerships in Dubai and Stockholm.

2015: HUMAN UNIVERZ is appointed 'Premiere Partner' by Appreciation at Work og Toxic Workplace.

2016: HUMAN UNIVERZ arrange the first CPH Change Conference og Copenhagen Change Award in joint venture with Aalborg Universitet og Relation Technologies.

2016: HUMAN UNIVERZ is awarded with the price 'Børsen Gazelle'.

2017: HUMAN UNIVERZ publishes the book Mer' motivation og værdsættelse tak! - a Danish translation of the bestseller Appreciation at the Workplace.
HUMAN UNIVERZ is for second year in a row awarded the price 'Børsen Gazelle'. HUMAN UNIVERZ becomes facilitator of the concept Adfærdsdesign.


We are grateful that:

  • The many organisations who believe that there is an uncultivated potential that we can activate through awake and conscious behavior.

  • Our new and existing clients find their way to us.

  • There are so many exciting and challenging tasks that we are passionate about solving with you in a successful and productive way.

  • We create long-lasting, strong, and valuable relationships with our clients and partners.


THANKS to our existing clients for recommending us!