Need to improve knowledge and skills in Change Management?

Would you like to be certified in Change Management?

Want to learn more about the Prosci® ADKAR® Model?


We offer the most comprehensive options for Change Management training. Customers range from the United Nations to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in more than 20 countries. All training options use results from Prosci's® research with more than 2600 companies worldwide.




Want to join the league where change succeeds? Get certified in the Prosci® methodology to use the ADKAR® model and learn how to drive change processes. Get a toolkit designed from best practice. The intensive 3-day programme is based on research-based Prosci®methodology and ADKAR® model. Participants work on a specific project and learn to work in a structured and effective way with the discipline change. Please call +45 30 11 63 23 to schedule a course or read more in the brochure.*Requires 2 hours of pre-course work by students and 1 evening activity. Price per person is dependent on group size.


Research shows that active and visible support from management is the main contributor to the success of change. This programme is a key component of any change project, as many sponsors and steering committees are unaware of what it means to be an active and visible sponsor for a change. This 4 - 6 hour programme is designed to help executives understand Change Management and their critical roles as business leaders. Please call +45 30 11 63 23 for more information on the executive training sessions or read more in the brochure.


We realize that successful change relies on the acceptance and engagement of your employees... one individual at a time. This 1-day programme, based on the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change and the ADKAR® model, is an instructor-led workshop that has been designed to be taught by your staff or by Prosci® certified Instructors. Participants work with a specific change that is relevant and appropriate.


Have you experienced that productivity falls in a process of change? The assigned project leader has a crucial role in successful change - be prepared to choose a leader with behaviour that help and support your employees through the change process. This full-day programme helps front-line managers to understand their role, their responsibilities, personal impact, and the mind-set, which is crucial for success. We explore effective change behaviour based on a specific on-going change. The programme introduces managers and supervisors to the change management process. Research-based assessments and hands-on activities help coaches learn how to manage employee resistance and facilitate change in their teams. Please call +45 30 11 63 23 for more information on the executive and management training sessions or read more in the brochure.


When you return to the daily business routine, and you have to translate knowledge into action, it may be difficult for many and force of habit might win - maybe. We inspire you to practise excellent change management by focusing on:

  • Your responsibility and discretion over the current conditions
  • The skills you need to build strength within yourself
  • Your project and organisation to be excellent in change management actions, which can accelerate processes of change here and now - go and do!
  • Your own mental challenges and barriers including beliefs that can distract - inner transformation creates external transformation.